Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Sara Jordan Chenoweth Harty! (yesterday)

Sara and I have been friends since the second grade. We lived around the corner from each other in Manhattan Beach! We have had so many memorable and amazing times together- brownies, girl scouts, slumber parties, kidnapping breakfasts, Jazz at the Jocelyn Center, memories of DC (diet center dog), toilet papering Teddy Sarnoff's house (led by Chris Cordray), my going away party, writing letters in high school, my 6th grade b-day sleepover weekend in Westlake - Lance, meeting at the beach, reconnecting through Mia in college, New York, all the weddings, baby/ wedding showers, girl's nights, dinners, birthdays, nights out, nights in, Hometown fairs, Halloweens (Miss New Jersey & Doctor), bachelorettes, parties and fun...Happy 30th Birthday!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sara!

Love the contrasting pics...refined bride versus wild woman letting her hair down and rockin' out. Excellent.