Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Things I HATE - I realize hate is a strong word and one that a nice girl should not use.

1. Negativity
2. The Simpsons Movie - please note I did not even see it
3. When Calvin and/or Hobbs pee on anything - look around next time you are driving!
4. The Tulsa Zoo
5. Mice
6. Low Rider cars
7. High Rider cars
8. Slutty girls in bikinis at car shows - Although I don't have personal experience in this, I get the feeling I wouldn't like it.
9. Personalized license plates
10. UB40's "Red Red Wine" song - yuck!
11. When the sun wears sunglasses
12. Cockroaches
13. Toe cleavage - with the exception of one pair of heels I love, that just so happen to give TC
14. Restaurants that don't have good grades
15. Cat calling gardeners
16. Chain restaurants
17. Thinking you are better than others

Who am I to do all this judging?

1 comment:

Danielle said...

Nice list...you need to tag me!! Tag your fellow bloggers to do the same list on their blogs! I love HATING with you!